Will tile flooring cool my home?

Will tile flooring cool my home?

Tile is an excellent flooring choice when you live in a warm climate, and placing it throughout your home, rather than limiting it to the kitchen and bathroom, is an excellent idea.

Perry Floors, a tile shop in Upland, CA, has floor tile to make warm days and nights more bearable and home cooling systems more efficient.

Tile materials

Floor tile can be ceramic or porcelain a type of ceramic. Porcelain, made of fine clay, and ceramic, made of coarse clay, are hardened in a kiln at different temperatures.

Ceramic is a time-honored tile material known for its durability, but porcelain tile is a stronger floor covering that tends to be available in a wider variety of styles.

Cooling effect

According to the principles of heat conductivity, foot heat transfers to the floor at a rate proportional to its conductivity. Since floor tile is a good heat conductor, the tile easily removes heat from your body, so the floor feels cool underfoot.

Cool tile brings comfort during the hottest months, but it also helps keep your body temperature down.


Ceramic and porcelain floor tile is ideal for California homes since it does not retain heat or expand and contract with temperature changes.

In addition, tile is fireproof, anti-slip, easy to clean, bacteria- and allergen-free, and scratch- and stain-resistant. What's more, it's easy to include area rugs in room design to add color and texture.

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In addition to residential and commercial flooring installation, Perry Floors offers free in-home estimates and design consultation. Our tile store specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodels, and since we know both are significant investments, we guide you throughout the planning process.

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