Modern kitchen with beautiful tile flooring

Laminate vs Tile

Tile has been used in many different fashions for thousands of years. Often associated with palaces and temples, tiles were never considered a fundamental commodity as they were difficult and expensive to have made.

Though a great deal has changed, tile is often still the most costly and difficult flooring renovation you can do in your home.

Many luxury vinyl floors boast several similarities and even some serious benefits over tile. There are some little things,such as heat retention, and other larger factors, such as ease of cleaning and amount of maintenance over time to take into consideration.

Tile does have one large edge over every other flooring option, and that is longevity. If properly installed and maintained, tile floors have been known to last 50+ years. However, in today?s rapidly changing and always trending world, LVF?s far from short, 20+ year lifespan, can make more sense in certain situations.

Luxury Vinyl Tile


Materials:Though generally cheaper, some of the higher end LVF can cost as much as tile.

Materials:Expensive. Some tile can go for relatively cheap but it shows in the quality.

Installation: Installation is cheap and easy and can sometime even be done over the top of existing floors.

Installation: Tile generally has the most difficult and expensive installation process of any floor. It is easy to mess up, and best left to professionals.

Durability: Extremely Durable. Some of the lower end LVF can be dented by heavy furniture.

Durability: Extremely durable as well. Can crack over time, with impact or if improperly installed.

Maintenance: Wax-Free polish can be used to restore. Replacing a single board can prove difficult depending on the boards location.

Maintenance: Grout and cracked tiles may need to be replaced. Replacing one tile is relatively easy.

Cleaning: Easy to clean. Wipe and go. Steam mops and certain spray cleaning products can be used.

Cleaning: Easy to clean.Can be mopped, but the grout should be scrubbed thoroughly and regularly if you want to prolong it's life.

Waterproof? Yes.

Waterproof? Yes.

Pet Proof? Yes.

Pet Proof? Yes.